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 Application for staff Thanatos2540

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PostSubject: Application for staff Thanatos2540   Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:51 am

David F

Currently I am a Member, I am applying for jrMod

I am 15 Years old

Timezone : Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00)
Colorado, Time zone

To be a moderator, one defiantly needs to have certain traits. They need to be mature, friendly, able to make new players feel welcome, they need to be willing to put the needs of other players above their own needs, and they should have sufficient Minecraft experience. These are important skills that can apply to someones own life. It's important that these traits are exercised so that people can live with a more mature,selfless, friendly, and helpful personality.

In my case, I have been playing Minecraft for several years now and I have been an admin and a jrMod on two other servers. I have experience with being a staff member which would make me a more
capable mod. Ontop of this, I have a strong sense dedication so that after my schoolwork is done, I will spend a lot of my free on this server. I also have a mature, friendly, and helpful personality wich makes me fun to work with and helps make the players feel welcome on the server. Finally I have a pretty good knowledge of commands and I am a great builder.

Moderation Experience, where have you been staff prior to this, or where are you currently in a Staff Team? Do not try and lie about your experience. (Do not include server IPs Or Instance deny ) : I was staff on a popular building server (FrozenCraft) wich has been shut down at this point. I am currently an Admin of a factions server that doesn't run 24/7 yet because of lack of funds.

How long have you been playing on Hidden Gem Craft : I have just started playing, but after getting to know the friendly nature of the server, I decided that I really want to help and be apart of it.

Do you have Skype? If so, are you able to participate in staff meetings or private calls? Sorry i do not have a skype. I might be able to get it at some point though.

What can you provide or bring to Hidden Gem Craft that all of these other applicants cannot? : I think the main thing that I offer to a server is my strong commitment and constant willingness to help others in need. I also have a youtube channel in wich I would make a server showcase on this factions server. With my love for building on minecraft, I also have skill with builds that few others have to offer.

Additional Information, ( e.g, building skills, plugin skills, siblings that play on server, etc. ) :
I have experience with w.e

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to playing on this server with the great staff already on it.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for staff Thanatos2540   Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:54 am

This Looks Good, But the skype may be a Problem, any oher ways of Contact?

Good Luck,

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Application for staff Thanatos2540
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