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 Staff application

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PostSubject: Staff application   Staff application I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2015 3:26 pm

Name(IRL): Richard

Ign: Winterman61

Rank: Member

Age: 17

Timezone: north America central

Mod traits & why: mods should be able to help the players out. Also listen to the players at anytime. Being kind and patient. As well cracking down on people that break the rules on the server. The reasons why these traits are important is that the mods will be there the most for the players. The builders will be building for the server. Admins and up will be working on the server. So that leaves helpers and mods.

Reason: I'm starting to get on a daily basis, so I'm able to help out when no one else is on. I'm open to helping the players when they ask for it. I'm normally patient for the players. As well knowing when to crack down on those that break the rules. I should earn it because I'm normally nice to everyone on the server. Also I can give a lot to the server.

Experiences: I was an owner on a server and staff on several on servers. The servers were good but weren't able to stay up because of the lack of funding.

How long: I've been playing for about a week or two. Planning on playing on it even more.

Skype?: my Skype is richard12-16. I'm able to participate in staff meeting or private calls if needed. There might be times I won't be able to.

Provide to server: I have experience on helping players and with the general commands. The amount of time I'm able to get into the server. As well I'm open to learning new things to help everyone out.

Additional info: I'm not the best builder. Also I'm nice person, normally messing around. Also will be getting on more once my computers get done being fixed.
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Staff application
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