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 My Application For Staff

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PostSubject: My Application For Staff   Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:36 pm

Ok first of all, I can from Hin and we are both irl friends. He told me that it would be cool if w e were both mods on this server and we can be best friends something like that.

Information About Me
I'm 12 about to graduate elementary school.
Sometimes, I can be extremely salty about things.
I am a genius when it comes to school.

Reason why I want to be a part of this community is because I want to experience how it is to be with new people and help each other out. The last server I helped, I got to admin and they stopped the server because it got griefed by one of his other admins. After that, I've been searching for a server that had open spaces for helpers/mods then I found this server from Hin. Also, I wan to be a mod or an admin. What I can bring to the server is building. All though I don't want to be a builder, I can also do complex redstone which I think would be necessary for this server. Hopefully I can get the position I want!
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My Application For Staff
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