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 Moderator Application

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PostSubject: Moderator Application   Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:49 pm

Name (In Real Life) : Reggie

In Game Name : bibby5

Rank on Server : member

Age : 14

Timezone : Mountain TimeZone

What are some good traits of a Moderator? Why are these traits important to exercise?:

I think some good skills for a moderator would be to support new players r rude players, Support with problems happening in the server and answer any questions asked. I think a moderator is a very important roll in being a staff because it helps with whats going on through the server and makes the server a better place to play on. I will answer any questions asked about this question aswell

Explain to us why you are capable being this rank on the server and why you should earn it? :

I think I should earn the rank because I have lots of experience with being a staff member such as on handies mincraft server i am a admin, waffle mc i was a mod and birchcraft i was a owner. I know most of the commands that moderators have and I know how to handle abusive, rude players and new players. I get lots of feedback on servers i have bin a staff on of saying that i should get a promotion and they think i was a super good staff for them.

Moderation Experience, where have you been staff prior to this, or where are you currently in a Staff Team? Do not try and lie about your experience. (Do not include server IPs Or Instance deny ) :

I was an owner on birchcraft which i was an owner on. On handy's minecraft server i am a admin at the moment hoping to get co-owner soon and on waffle mc i was a moderator.

How long have you been playing on Hidden Gem Craft :

Just joined today but i know the rules.

Do you have Skype? If so, are you able to participate in staff meetings or private calls? :\

I do have skype, i will be able most of the time but not guaranteed all the time.I will try my best to be apart of these meetings. I will give my sype through private chat/msg on server or on this site.

What can you provide or bring to Hidden Gem Craft that all of these other applicants cannot? :

Well, I have experience on lots of servers (more then the three i was talking about berfore) and I know how to work as a moderator. I am loyal and super active since i have no job yet. I can be on the server most days after school and on weekends so you will have me on the server almost all the time. I do not abuse my powers of a staff member and do not grief/troll. I will do my best to be in skype meetings so i can participate in them. I think I would make a big impact of being a staff member on this server and you won't regret having me.

Additional Information, ( e.g, building skills, plugin skills, siblings that play on server, etc. ) :

I have lots of friends I would enjoy getting on the server, including my brother. My redstone skills are ok, I know how to use it and do some cool constructions with it but I am not a major redstone kind of player. I am ok at building and pixel art which I think would make the server look better if we add some pixel art around it. I can donate on the server when i have the time and money.

Any question ask? : I have no questions to ask.
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Owner IvoryBones

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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Application   Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:37 pm

Application Read and will vote with staff to make it official thankyou for applying
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Moderator Application
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