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 Helper application

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PostSubject: Helper application   Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:09 pm

Hello im Xx_HyP3_xX my real name is Tristan and my skype name is Tristan Pope im 16 and im great with experience in servers i have been staff on servers since i was 13 long story short since 2012,
i want to be staff as i love helping people and i like to just you know be there for people make friends and im a realy nice guy who is always there to be a helping hand, as a staff i can bring help and people and you know make people more active by just being nice and stuff that will be no hard job and i can also bring a good time, im applying for helper or head helper because i like to help people and i will take anything higher or anthing lower i dont realy care im just willing to help, well to be honest there is like 2 things i would be if i could be anything
Co-owner: Because i Run a server im nice and a helpfull guy i know many tips and im very experienced and that way i will be able to get to know and help the owner more
Admin: because the same as the top but i just wanna help well im being bullied at school and home so i like to play minecraft to forget about it and try to move on and make new friends who will accually be there when i need them and stuff and i will be there for anyone else and im always Active unless im griunded i would say about 3-5 hours a weekday and 5-11 hours a weekend and i think i would be about the 9.9 mark at maturity so thanks for reading and bye
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Helper application
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