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 Staff Application:Trial-Admin/Moderator

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PostSubject: Staff Application:Trial-Admin/Moderator   Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:09 pm

Name (In Real Life) :My Real Name is Daniel or Dan.

In Game Name :My In Game Name is Ruddo7

Rank on Server :I am currently [Member] But Im Looking To Get [Moderator]-[Trial-Admin]
I Hope I get A rank
Age : I am 15

Timezone :UnitedKingdom Liverpool.

What are some good traits of a Moderator? Why are these traits important to exercise?:Some good traits for a moderator are experience,respect,logic,maturity and skilled. I think that these are important becuase if you do not have any of these traits you will not be respected you wont be mature. So it is important to have these skills or traits becuase you will know what your doing!

Explain to us why you are capable being this rank on the server and why you should earn it? :I am capable of moderating a server whilst other members of staff are not online. I can keep the server intact and family friendly. In my opinion I think i should earn it becuase i have very good traits im active all the time and im mature.I can help anybody in need no matter whom it shall be.

Moderation Experience, where have you been staff prior to this, or where are you currently in a Staff Team? Do not try and lie about your experience. (Do not include server IPs Or Instance deny ) :I have been moderator on many other servers and all of the members would want me to help. The servers i would moderate and adminirstrate on would have 10-20 people online everyday and i was massivly respected. I am not lying about my experience nor the respect i was given!

How long have you been playing on Hidden Gem Craft :I have been playing Hidden Gem Craft for over 3weeks i would say. I am more active than lots of the staff members Shocked Ever since i have joined i have loved every minute.

Do you have Skype? If so, are you able to participate in staff meetings or private calls? :I will not be able to participate in staff meetings unfortunetly becuase i dont have skype. If you need to get in touch Email me Please do not spam or send silly things to this Email.

What can you provide or bring to Hidden Gem Craft that all of these other applicants cannot? :I can provide respect to all staff members and all members. I can also bring players online VIA Email or School Friends.

Additional Information, ( e.g, building skills, plugin skills, siblings that play on server, etc. ) :
My building skills are good. I do not use w/e when i build i use hand builds unless it is a arena that i am doing. My plugin skills are poor, i know how to manage FACTIONS & MCMMO but other than that i dont know anything. I Don't have any siblings that play on the server nor will I ever. The only siblings are the community within the server I love you

Questions:I recently got banned for 2 days, i am now unbanned but i dont know why i got banned. Will this affect or impact my possentage getting staff?

Thankyou for reading my application for [Moderator]-[Trial-Admin] -Ruddo7

P.S Hey Mr_Ivory Very Happy
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Staff Application:Trial-Admin/Moderator
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