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 Application for anything i can get! (Wich is why i dont say wich rank i want)

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PostSubject: Application for anything i can get! (Wich is why i dont say wich rank i want)   Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:17 pm

Hello! My IGN, Skype is erik.b.c1, my Nick on there is ErikBonde i am 14 years old. My real name is Erik.
Here is my application!

I have been playing minecraft since the middle of July, 2010. The game was first in Alpha and there were not many things in the game. I played when there was no hunger bar and tere were only 100,000 downloads. I started off by watching a youtube series called How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft by Paulsoaresjr. He got me started with the fundamentals of the game and I started playing singleplayer. So I played singleplayer for around 2 months, just building cities and collecting diamonds etc. Then I started into multiplayer. I played originally on a few small SMP servers and met a few people and just enjoyed the game. After playing on a certain server for a long time, the Owner asked me if I wanted to be a Moderator. I said yes (of course) and then he trained me from there. I worked for that server and then I got into a network of staff experience. I also applied on some of the servers. I eventually had enough experience on 50 servers of ranks Helper to Co-Owner that I decided to make a server of my own. The server that I made was booming about a week after the release. It eventually had to shut down do to a very bad situation with the hosting company. So i played on many servers helping out and then I started coding. I learned so much about coding plugins and perms. I then started to own 3 servers again and they exploded with players. There were tons of players on those servers and everything was going great. I played almost all summer and into the early fall and then I had some personal stuff that caused me to stop playing for about 1.5 months. I still do not have contact with the server owners that I worked with and I am trying to build back up the work that I did. The servers that I worked for payed me but with yours it is completely optional.

So yeah that was a little bit of the application and background on me. Here is some of the other information.

My experience:
-I have owned 4 servers and have fully configed and created a friendly community on all of them.
- I have mastered all of the plugins and if a new one is released I can learn it in 2 minutes.
-I have TONS of experience with all staff positions as stated in the paragraph above.
-I am very kind and professional and I believe that almost every server owner that I have worked on will recommend me.

Why should you employ me?
I am very professional, kind, considerate, mature, and experienced. I am amazing with worldedit and worldguard as well as config and I am currently learning some java coding (just the basics I am not even close to actually being a coder). I am always helpful and I believe that I am a good staff member for your server.

How long could you be on each day?
It depends. I am a very busy person and I play alot of sports. I can be on alot on the weekends and I can access the server from my iPhone via minechat or the console (if I ever get).

What rank are you applying for?
I am applying for trial-admin and up. The reason that I request these high positions is that I need console (again, if I get) for what I do best and for In-Game work I need op, I know also a lot of commands to do without op. but anyway please notice that im best with op. please do not think I only want op and console, im just saying it’s an option. Im only applying to help.

In conclusion:
Thank you for reading my application and please consider me as staff on your server. Also if your server is new and without plugins or without a website etc. then read below.
Here are some ways to reach me: Skype: erik.b.c1 nick: Erik VIP. And if you need it and after you employ me I will give you my cell phone!

So I also offer a "package" to new server owners that do not have much experience.
- Full plugin installation and I make sure they all work to fit your needs.
- A webs website for the server.
- A gmail account to use when making new accounts related to the server.
- Full config for the groups.yml folder which can be very tricky and takes about 3 hours to make. Ex. As a backup.
- Full config for the donation ranks and kits for them as well as if you want only donator ranks to have access to /heal and /feed etc.
For the cheap price of giving me Co-Owner on your server with access to console (because I need console to do most of those things). Please note that i am here to help. And you do not have to take the package. Its just something I offer.

Thanks for reading my app. Have a nice day! Smile  Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application for anything i can get! (Wich is why i dont say wich rank i want)   Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:33 pm

Denied and Closed, please use our format. We are currently accepting Moderators and Helpers. By the way, if you own 4 servers, why would you come and be a staff on someone's else?
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Application for anything i can get! (Wich is why i dont say wich rank i want)
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