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 Staff application for _xXJamesXx_

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PostSubject: Staff application for _xXJamesXx_   Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:01 pm

Hello this is _xXJamesXx_

I would like to be part of staff,

You will receive very few behavioral warnings.
You must answer ALL questions from ALL players.
You must answer ALL questions addressed from higher staff.
You CANNOT ignore other players, spam, use unprofessional language, and/or rage.
You must be very active.
You can be demoted at any time if you fail to do your job.
I agree to all of these rule.

Name: James

In Game Name : _xXJamesXx_

Rank on Server : Member

Age : 11


Explain to us why you are capable being this rank on the server and why you should earn it? : Well i dont really have a major reason why i should but i promise you i will help in anyway possible, I will be on 3-7 days a week.

Admin Experience, where have you been staff prior to this, or where are you currently in a Staff Team? Do not try and lie about your experience. : I'm very sad to say ive only become staff on my friends servers no big multiplayer servers, And only ban 1 person for hacking.

How long have you been playing on Hidden Gem Craft : I only just join for reasons of my cousin inviting me here, His name is JON HORNBECK

Do you have Skype? If so, are you able to participate in staff meetings or private calls? : Yes, the name is "MC ikuio"

Additional Information, ( e.g, building skills, plugin skills, siblings that play on server, etc. ) : Plugin skills,building skills, Command Skills.

Any question ask? : Des this server have many staff?
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Staff application for _xXJamesXx_
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