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PostSubject: My App Talon1019   My App                      Talon1019 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2015 9:54 am

i woud like to apply for admin, you can trust with your life as i can promise you i will be a responcible admin who respects, enforces and most importantly follows the rules. you know u can trust me as i have had tons more positions on many different servers, for instance, moderator on 6 servers, VIP on 5, Head-Admin on 10 and many others. i know other ppl will say something like this to increase their chances but i can tell you now, those statistics are 100% true!!! :sick: some ppl will say they wot abuse or grief, but thats just a way to get the position, but i can promise you this, i, on all of those servers i have a rank on, have never griefed, abused the rules or other players, have respected, enforced and followed the rules, have been firm but fair, (i can understand a mistake and will now and then give ppl the shadow of a doubt, but i know when things are intentional and the person breaking the rule(s) in question will be punished suitably. what i normally tend to do in i make a kind of punishment chart in my head, a few certain things is a warning, another few is a kick, another few is a temp ban, then finally a permanent ban untill proven inocent or untill i, owner, co-owner and / or my supervisor says they should be unbanned. i wanna do have this role because i love doing a job right, i know it may seem i dont need this position but some of those servers above have gone down or bust. I just love being a top role on servers, me and all my friends are trying to make minecraft a better place, a place where grief is not tollerated, a place where nobody is obviously trying to get banned, a place, where people can just have a good, fun time!!! :sick: please take this into deep consideration
Why do you want to be staff? : I would love to help out, because I enjoy building and helping out as much as I can. I would like to make people have the greatest experience on the server. You can count on me to be the best of help on your server, and i believe it will become a great one. I will tell all of my friends that play minecraft about the server and give them good reviews about it. I will also research good plugins to enhance the server experience. I hope you will pick me as Head- Admin on the server, and wish good luck to everyone else who is applying.
Do you know the rules? : Yes
Do you have Skype? Y/N : Yes
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PostSubject: Re: My App Talon1019   My App                      Talon1019 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2015 10:02 am

Straight forward to the Point I like it

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My App Talon1019
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