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 MrBuiscuts Staff App

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PostSubject: MrBuiscuts Staff App   MrBuiscuts Staff App I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2015 8:12 pm

hey, my name is MrBuiscuts and i want
to apply for staff. Head-admin
or op (should come with Head-Admin and Admin)Razz

IGN: MrBuiscuts

Skype: I don't have one, sorry

IRL: Jacob

Age: 14

Timezone: US centeral

Experience: I have alot of experience,
I am op on 3 servers, co-owner on 2! and Admin
and head-Admin on 3. i also own a server of my own. i really know
how to use commands and plugins. i also love building Razz

Why I want to be staff: Well i just like to go on
youtube look up minecraft servers that need
staff and join them to help out the server.

Can i use teamspeak: Yes, i can. use have $80 headsets and
i don't really get on teamspeak unless i am staff on it
or i am with friends.

can i record: Yes, i can record , i have a youtube channel
with 20 subs and i have a great recording device

Have i been banned on a server: yes i honestly have and the
time i got banned was because i was framed for something

what times can i get on: i can get on at 3:50pm - 8:00pm
on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Can i speak mutable languages: I can speak a little Swedish, some German, and English Very Happy

Things I like to do on servers: I like to get more people on the
server and just build things with friends Very Happy
thanks for staff, if I get it... -MrBuiscuts
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MrBuiscuts Staff App
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