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 Applying for Staff :D

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Applying for Staff :D Empty
PostSubject: Applying for Staff :D   Applying for Staff :D I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2015 6:15 pm

Name - Alex
InGame Name - DatRedBooty420
Rank - Member
Age - 12
Timezone - Eastern
Q. What are good traits of a Mod? Why are these traits important to exercise?
A. Some good traits of a Mod is to stop the spammers and advertisers. Ban hackers and stop violence. We need someone to stop other members breaking the rules. These traits are important to exercise because we need to know who to mute,ban or kick. We need someone who pays attention to the server and keeps a good job.
Q.Explain why are you capable and why you should earn it.
A. I think I'm capable to become one of the ranks because I can go on 6-7hrs a day on the weekdays and about 12hrs a day on the weekends. I can keep an eye on these people and ban the players who are cheating/hacking, mute the spammers and ban the advertisers.
Q. Any experience? A. I've been an admin on my friend's server about last year and he had to close the server because he didn't want to waste any money on the server anymore. He was not successful.
Q. How Long Have you Been on HiddenGemCraft? A. I've been on for a day
Q. Do you have skype?
A. Yes, I have skype. My skype name is alexpeang I live in Canada.
Q. What can you do that other mods might can't do?
A. I can help keep an eye on the server so nobody breaks the rules because I have a lot of time.
Thank you for reading Very Happy

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Applying for Staff :D
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